About Fiona Ross


Fiona Ross is a Certified Deep Coaching Professional who draws on extensive experience in the performing arts as well as a background in business.  She grew up in Scotland, one of five children to an Indonesian mother and Scottish father.  She has travelled extensively and lived in four continents. Fiona moved to Australia in 2009, and these days her home is in Blackwood, Victoria ~ a small village that lies on the banks of the Lerderderg River, in the heart of the Wombat Forest. Together with her partner Allan, and two dogs, Vinnie & Ness, Fiona revels in life surrounded by nature.

A Bit About My Journey…

Music has always been part of my life. I inherited a love of Scottish song from my dad and have been singing for as long as I can remember. Although I’ve achieved considerable recognition as a Scots singer with an active performance schedule, I haven’t always felt comfortable in a performance context ~ quite the opposite in fact. Performance anxiety has had a significant impact throughout my performance career.

My training in Deep Coaching was immensely helpful in this regard. Deep Coaching uses a presence-based, somatic approach that allows me to work at a deeper level of awareness beyond the thinking mind. Deep Coaching opened the door for me to research some of the many factors that may contribute to performance anxiety and to strengthen my own ability to work with such areas as the inner critic, deep-rooted fear of judgement, autonomic nervous system regulation and ultimately, self-love and compassion. These days, I have re-gained the sense of connection and enjoyment in performing that I had lost, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to perform at music festivals across Australia and internationally, both as a solo artist and with one of the many world-renowned musicians I have had the pleasure of collaborating with.

I am delighted now to be able share my experience and the knowledge and understanding I have gained to support others, particularly those who feel that their ability to realise their potential may be in some way limited.

In addition to my Scots song performances, I love creating group and individual immersive sound experiences using my collection of alchemy crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments.  I have long been interested in exploring the nature of the authentic voice and how to express it.

In my past life, I had a successful career in business management and operations. I lead several SME’s in the global education sector, including establishing and running two successful international language schools. 

My entire life journey underpins my coaching and my diverse professional and personal experience enable me to support clients with a wide range of backgrounds and coaching objectives.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who seek to embrace personal growth and to explore what’s most important to them ~ whether that’s in the professional or personal sphere. My commitment to this deep work is inspired by my own journey towards a life lived with greater empowerment, lightness, and vitality of purpose & intention.  It’s a huge privilege for me to support others on their own unique journeys in bringing greater ease, freedom of choice, and fulfilment into their lives.



  • Certified Deep Coaching Professional
  • Enneagram Intensive (Enneagram Worldwide)
  • Certified InterPlay & VocalPlay Leader
  • Spiritual Accompaniment (Epiphany Group)
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy) 
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional & Executive Coaching

Other Qualifications

  • PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma in Ethnomusicology, University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma in Chinese, University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Arts, University of Glasgow